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Kalidescope  Opened

When we started building websites back in 2000 our focus was to be able to adapt to our clients needs whilst using state of the art technology. There is no one size fits all, every customer has very different requirements which are not always clear from the outset.

Use of WordPress

We started using WordPress for the majority of websites – this not only made the website’s more Search Engine Optimised but also provided an easy to use content management system for any clients wanting to manage their own site content.

Mobile devices become more popular

The use of mobile devices to view website started becoming more popular amd we began building “mobile friendly” websites for our clients.

We now build all website to be cross device friendly, so if you are looking at them on your PC, tablet or phone the text and  images will automatically resize to the viewer can see the site as intended.

Have we got it right? We are constantly fine tuning our proposition as markets and client requirements change, our customers tell us  they are happy and their loyalty to us speaks for itself.

Our passion for what we do transfers into our services

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